Commercial Window Tinting Films can significantly reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows to help lower utility costs.

Commercial Window Films can significantly increase the comfort level of your building by virtually eliminating hot spots and cold spots, reducing glare and increasing safety without changing its aesthetics.

Reduce Annoying Glare

There is nothing worse than trying to watch tv or surf the Internet while outside light overpowers the screen. Window films reduce glare, making it easier on the eyes.

Balance Uneven Temperature

Every building has them, hot and cold spots near the windows and glass doors. Using window film, you can even out these "imbalances" in temperatures,increasing comfort throughout your business.

Reduce Utility Bills & Promote Energy Savings

Adding Window Film to your business can reduce temperature entering your office, which means your HAVAC system works less. This will help lower utility bills year around.

Improve Appearance and Privacy

Create privacy and bring Beauty to your commercial space. Window films create a uniform exterior. Some films can also be used to help keep people from looking inside your location.

Provide Protection for your building

Film also adds strength and shatter resistance to your window should breakage occurs due to accidents, vandalism, intruders or violent weather.

Window Films do for your building:

Increase Safety
Strengthen Security
Improve Comfort
Save Energy
Enhance Décor/Privacy

Window tint to Redirect Light

Brighten your building’s interior. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film uses micro-replication technology to cast light as far as 40 feet (12 meters) from the window.

Redirect light up onto the ceiling
Flood deep rooms with natural light
Reduce the need for electric lighting

Night Vision 15 Film.

Night Vision 25 Film.

Night Vision 35 Film.